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Along with being a Plant Nursery and Agriculturally minded,  we are also Hawaiian culture minded as we often teach the uses of our Hawaiian plants.   Mario, who is a Master Gardener is also a Master weaver of coconut fronds.  Here are our Na Papale!

Coconut Papale (Hats)

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Handmade by us (Mario has been teaching me also!) here in Maui and Molokai, These Papale are customized especially for you!  Simply Take your measurement and choose your Style.  The options are almost endless and all are amazing!  Truly one of a kind, they are both beautiful and functional!


    Styles Are:  FLAT TOP (first 3pics),  ROUND TOP (next two pics),  and VISORS/OPEN (pics 6 &7).  Brims can be short like a FEDORA, AVERAGE, or LARGE/GARDEN style.  Height can be Tall like a TOP HAT, AVERAGE, or SHALLOW (see hat on right Camp chair in the 5th pic)

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